Climate change, prolonged drought, growing populations and the resulting water stress are driving forces for the adoption of water reuse around the world. Here is a selection of just a few of our global water reuse installations.


Total installation base treats 240 million gallons per day.


Multi-purpose Non-potable Reuse – 187 MGD (700 MLD)

Built in 1975 as a secondary treatment plant, the Eastern Treatment Plant handles 40% of Melbourne’s wastewater. In 2012, an advanced tertiary stage was added to improve the quality of treated water. This reduced the impact of effluent on receiving water bodies and opened the door to more opportunities for recycling the water.

The plant now produces Class A recycled water for a wide range of non-potable purposes including residential third-pipe schemes (e.g. toilet flushing, garden watering, car washing), watering public gardens, open areas and sports grounds, and irrigating food crops.

Seven large TrojanUVTorrent systems utilizing TrojanUVSolo Lamp Technology disinfect 700 million liters per day, making it the largest UV installation in Australia.


Total installation base treats 40 million gallons per day.


Recreational – 1.6 MGD

Sherbourne Common – located in Toronto, Canada, is an innovative waterfront park combined with a neighborhood-wide stormwater treatment system.

Stormwater is collected, treated and then used in the park’s water features which are accessible to the public. The TrojanUVFit disinfects the water to ensure it can be safely enjoyed by residents before it’s ultimately discharged into Lake Ontario.

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Total installation base treats 580 million gallons per day.

Beijing Gaobeidian

Beijing Gaobeidian - Industrial ReuseIndustrial Reuse, Lake Augmentation and Multi-purpose Urban Reuse – 265 MGD (1 million cubic meter/day)

The Gaobeidian WWTP is located in Beijing Gaobeidian Township, Chaoyang District, and is the largest secondary wastewater treatment plant in China. The facility treats approximately 40% of all the wastewater in Beijing which amounts to approximately 1 billion cubic meters going through the advanced treatment every year.

Treated water is reused for a variety of clean water purposes in Beijing. 300,000 cubic meter/day is treated to a stringent level of 0.3 total coliforms/liter and used for multi-purpose urban reuse. A larger volume, up to 700,000 cubic meter/day, is treated to a level of 50 fecal coliforms/100 ml and supplies power plants with cooling water and augments a large local lake. Both applications disinfect with the TrojanUV3000Plus system.

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Middle East

Total installation base treats 215 million gallons per day.

Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar - Multipurpose Non-potable ReuseMulti-purpose Non-potable Reuse – 120 MGD (5,250 l/s)

Doha North Sewage Treatment Works (STW) is one of the largest water reuse plants in the Middle East, serving a population of over 900,000 people. Our TrojanUV3000Plus helps the facility produce recycled water for non-potable uses which helps preserve drinking water supplies for the community.

Recycled water is primarily used for irrigation and watering green spaces but has other non-potable uses such as construction and cooling.

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Total installation base treats 88 million gallons per day.


Salamanca Spain - AgricultureAgriculture Irrigation – 78 MGD (3,400 l/s)

Seven TrojanUVFit systems are installed in two towns outside Salamanca where gardens and farming is practiced (Huerta in Spanish). The local river water, used to irrigate the crops, contains a particular fast-growing pathogenic bacteria called Ralstonia.

The TrojanUVFit systems were commissioned in 2008 to disinfect the river water making it safe for irrigating potato crops. The treated water is used to irrigate 3,700 hectares of crops for over 1,000 community farmers.

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