1.5 Billion Gallons per Day

Municipalities around the world are using TrojanUV systems to disinfect their reuse water and help augment their clean water supplies for a variety of end-uses.

Some are recycling wastewater to the most stringent standards, to supplement their community’s drinking water by replenishing groundwater or adding to drinking water reservoirs. Others are recycling water for non-potable uses such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, equipment and vehicle washing, street sweeping, construction and more. Together, our customers are collectively recycling over 1.5 billion gallons of wastewater every day.

Featured TrojanUV Water Reuse Installations in the United States

The map showcases just a few TrojanUV water reuse installations in the U.S. Click the map markers below to learn more about a specific location or application or scroll through the list view.

Arizona Installations

Total installation base of 30 systems treating 177 million gallons per day.
Peoria Aquifer Recharge - TrojanUVFit

Aquifer Recharge – 20 MGD

The Butler Water Reclamation Facility is an aesthetically stunning facility that is also extremely effective.

Using membrane bioreactors and the TrojanUVFit disinfection system the site produces 20 MGD of recycled water for aquifer recharge. This recycling process earns the city water credits that helps ensure future water needs will be met.

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Surprise, AZ - Groundwater Recharge and Irrigation - TrojanUVFit

Groundwater Recharge and Irrigation – 5 MGD

In Surprise, Arizona, Class A+ reclaimed water is produced using biological treatment, filtration and a TrojanUVFit disinfection system. The majority of recycled water is used for agricultural and landscape irrigation and groundwater recharge.

Additionally, local residents and businesses can obtain recycled water for a variety of purposes including dust control, equipment & vehicle washing and construction/concrete mixing.

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Tucson - Groundwater Remediation - TrojanUVPhox

Groundwater Remediation – 8 MGD

The TrojanUVPhox, commissioned in January 2014 at the Advanced Oxidation Process Water Treatment Facility, destroys the 1,4-dioxane detected in the groundwater.

The treated water is then blended and treated further at the neighboring Tucson Airport Remediation facility. This purified water is supplied to nearly 50,000 end users in the Tucson area.

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California Installations

Total installation base of 66 systems treating 600 million gallons per day.
Lake Arrowhead - Irrigation - TrojanUVFit

Lake Arrowhead
Irrigation – 1.25 MGD

The TrojanUVFit is used at the Grass Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant to disinfect filtered wastewater to stringent standards for irrigation purposes.

This effective process conserves the community’s clean water resources for potable uses.

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Los Alamitos - Sea Water Intrusion Prevention - TrojanUVPhoxLos Alamitos
Sea Water Intrusion Prevention – 8 MGD

The Leo J. Vander Lans Advanced Water Treatment Facility uses the TrojanUVPhox for UV-oxidation to destroy contaminants including nitrosamines and 1-4 dioxane.

Over 6-log removal of viruses is simultaneously achieved with the system. Finished water is injected into a groundwater aquifer to prevent the infiltration of seawater.

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Orange County - Groundwater Replenishment - TrojanUVPhoxOrange County
Groundwater Replenishment – 100 MGD

The Groundwater Replenishment System is the largest indirect potable reuse project of its kind in the world.

It utilizes advanced treatment technologies, including the TrojanUVPhox for UV-oxidation, to recharge local groundwater through spreading basins and injection wells.

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Roseville - Irrigation - TrojanUV3000PlusRoseville
Irrigation – 75 MGD

The TrojanUV3000Plus is installed at both the Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant in Roseville, CA. The two disinfection systems combined enable recycling of 75 million gallons of water each day.

The water is used for irrigation at over 80 sites within Roseville (parks, golf courses etc.) and is being made available for City residents for watering their own lawns and gardens.

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West Basin Municipal Water District - Multi-Purpose Non-Potable ReuseWest Basin Municipal Water District
Multi-purpose Non-potable Reuse– 17.5 MGD

The TrojanUVPhox installed in 2004 at the Edward C. Little WRF in El Segundo, CA provides UV-oxidation and disinfection at the state-of-the art facility.

The award-winning facility is unique with its ability to produce “designer” water for various purposes among their unique customers. The recycled water is used for irrigation, construction, street sweeping and in cooling towers – just to name a few.

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Whittier Narrows WRP - Groundwater Recharge - TrojanUV3000PlusWhittier Narrows WRP in Los Angeles County
Groundwater Recharge – 15 MGD

The Whittier Narrows Water Reclamation Plant was the first reclamation plant built by the Sanitation District of Los Angeles County (in 1962).

In 2008 they converted their disinfection process from sodium hypochlorite to Ultraviolet by installing a TrojanUV3000Plus. Today, 100% of the recycled water is used within the facility, at Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District and for groundwater recharge.

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Florida Installations

Total installation base of 14 systems treating 142 million gallons per day.

Irrigation – 7 MGD

The Davie Water Reclamation Facility was opened in November 2013 and runs a TrojanUVFit system to disinfect treated wastewater used for irrigation of golf courses and campuses.

The system provides high-level disinfection in accordance with requirements outlined in National Water Resource Institute (NWRI) protocols.

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Yulee - Irrigation - TrojanUV3000PlusYulee
Irrigation – 4 MGD

The Nassau Regional Water Reclamation Facility uses the TrojanUV3000Plus to disinfect the treated wastewater.

The site has been providing high quality reclaimed water since 2005. The water is made available for commercial irrigation such as golf courses.

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Hawaii Installations

Total installation base of 22 systems treating 95 million gallons per day.

Honouliuli - Irrigation - TrojanUVSignaHonouliuli
Irrigation – 12 MGD

For over 15 years the Honouliuli Water Recycling Facility has been disinfecting their wastewater with a TrojanUV4000 system. They have recently elected to upgrade to the TrojanUVSigna to continue their commitment to recycling water using the latest technologies. The Class R-1 recycled water is used for various purposes such as landscape, agriculture and golf course irrigation. It is the largest water recycling facility in Hawaii.

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Wahiawa - Irrigation - TrojanUV3000PlusWahiawa
Irrigation – 6.5 MGD

The TrojanUV3000Plus is used at the Wahiawa Wastewater Treatment Plant to help produce 6.5 MGD of Class R-1 recycled water – meeting Hawaii’s stringent reuse standards.

The reclaimed water is stored in the Wahiawa Reservoir and ultimately used for agricultural irrigation.

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Texas Installations

Total installation base of 5 systems treating 18 million gallons per day.

Big Spring - Drinking Water Reservoir Augmentation - TrojanUVPhoxBig Spring
Drinking Water Reservoir Augmentation – 1.8 MGD

The TrojanUVPhox is used at the Raw Water Production Facility to help produce high-purity wastewater which is blended with local surface water and added directly into the supply lines of local drinking water treatment plants.

This is the first treatment facility in the United States to treat and reuse wastewater with this direct approach.

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