Filtration Avoidance in Surface Water, North Tahoe, California
TrojanUV Solutions

With its mountain beauty and deep, clear waters, Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular vacation spots in the California/Nevada area. Approximately 15 million vacationers a year visit the Lake Tahoe Basin for both summer and winter sports. The popularity of Lake Tahoe has resulted in increased traffic, infrastructure, crowds and urban sprawl in this environmentally-sensitive area.

The North Tahoe Public Utilities District wanted to avoid the costly construction and lengthy permit cycle required to build a new filtration system. North Tahoe required a simple, cost-effective disinfection solution that would meet the requirements of the Surface Water Treatment Rule and pass strict California Department of Health Services approvals.

North Tahoe also required a solution that would fit into their existing infrastructure in a way that maximized the use of expensive land and met environmental permitting requirements.

The TrojanUV Solution 

The North Tahoe Public Utilities District evaluated a number of different treatment technologies and found UV to be the best option for their needs. North Tahoe turned to Trojan for its TrojanUVSwift™ technology.

The TrojanUVSwift offered North Tahoe a compact footprint, effective disinfection, and proven, validated, performance.

In addition to avoiding the costs of constructing a new filter, North Tahoe became the first large scale UV system for disinfecting drinking water in California. Trojan’s experience and depth of knowledge of UV disinfection were just some of the reasons for its selection.

System Design Parameters

Flow Capacity4.6 million gallons per day (725.5 m3/hr)
Ultraviolet Transmittance (UVT)99%
Disinfection ObjectiveBarrier to Cryptosporidium
Disinfection MethodUV
“With UV, we are able to avoid construction of a new filtration system and increase our disinfection.”
North Tahoe, California