Knockoff Lamps vs. Genuine TrojanUV Lamps

We understand the perceived appeal of cheap knockoff lamps. Non-OEM dealers do a good job disguising themselves as “approved” vendors. Some even manipulate or outright copy TrojanUV part numbers to make it seem like what you’re getting is a genuine lamp, when what you’re actually getting is a knockoff.

The Risks Associated With Knockoff Lamps 

Permit Compliance Issues 

  • Low UV lamp output & insufficient UV intensity
  • High bacteria counts 

Increased Labor & Costs 

  • Premature lamp and/or ballast failures 
  • Damaged connectors, cables and other parts 

Safety Concerns 

  • Loss of electrical and safety certifications, including UL, CSA and CE
  • Potential for fire, shock and equipment damage 

3 Quick Tips 

  1. Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it belongs
  2. If it’s not a genuine TrojanUV part, it shouldn’t be part of your TrojanUV system 
  3. Genuine TrojanUV parts can only be ordered through us or your certified representative

Putting Them to The Test 

We’ve conducted a battery of tests on knockoff lamps. In one particular test, we performed an output study on low-pressure high-output (LPHO) UV lamps. This chart shows some of our findings. 

As you can see, knockoff lamps delivered at least 25% less UV output at full power. And when dimmed to 60% power, they delivered only 52% of the output of a genuine TrojanUV lamp. If you were using these particular knockoff lamps in your system, your delivered UV dose would be drastically reduced, which would have ultimately put your disinfection process and permit compliance at risk. 

A chart comparing the lamp power and UV output of Genuine TrojanUV Lamps and knockoff lamps
Genuine TrojanUV Lamps consistently deliver higher UV output.

Get Genuine

As you know, your TrojanUV system was designed specifically for your application and based on several different factors, including your plant’s flow rate, water quality and permit. Each component was engineered, tested and certified as a complete disinfection unit, and the type and number of UV lamps installed was carefully selected to ensure the UV dose required to meet permit gets delivered throughout the lamp’s entire lifespan.

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