Let’s Talk Adenovirus
TrojanUV Solutions

TrojanUVSwiftSC drinking water disinfection systemYou have options. UV makes complying with the Ground Water Rule and LT2 regulations a lot easier. With Trojan’s groundbreaking validation, the TrojanUVSwift™SC is now fully validated to provide 4-log reduction of viruses, including adenovirus, with a single unit.

A UV dose of 186 mJ/cm2 is required by the USEPA for 4-log treatment of viruses. Traditional surrogates used for validations, such as MS2, aren’t resistant enough for UV to demonstrate inactivation of 4-log virus. To overcome this challenge, we used a high-resistance surrogate to validate four TrojanUVSwiftSC units to the doses required for 4-log virus inactivation.

Our third-party-witnessed validation meets all the recommendations of the USEPA UV Guidance Manual, and, for the first time, allows water providers to implement a fully EPA-compliant UV solution for 4-log treatment of viruses with a single unit.


Download PDF: Let’s Talk Adenovirus Brochure