TrojanUV Low-pressure Low-output Lamps

The performance of your TrojanUV system is independently validated and is guaranteed for life when you use Genuine TrojanUV low-pressure low-output (LPLO) lamps.

Your TrojanUV system was designed for End of Lamp Life (EOLL) – meaning the number of UV lamps installed at your plant was carefully selected to ensure the required UV dose gets delivered throughout the lamp’s entire lifespan of 12,000 hours (1 year = 8,760 hours).

If non-TrojanUV (non-Genuine) LPLO lamps are installed in your system, disinfection performance and permit compliance are at risk (see Figure 1).

A chart comparing the UV output and lamp life of Genuine TrojanUV Lamps and non-genuine lamps
Figure 1: TrojanUV vs. non-genuine low-pressure low-output lamps. Source: GAP EnviroMicrobial Services, Dec. 2011, testing done in accordance with industry protocols (NWRI). Lamps are aged and tested in water tanks to simulate real-world operating conditions and third party witnessed.
Chart Legend
1. Your TrojanUV system is designed for a high EOLL
2. After a few months, non-Genuine lamps have
significantly lower levels of output
3. Even if non-Genuine lamps continue to turn on
after 1 year, the UV output is so low, disinfection
is severely at risk

The Bottom Line 

Non-Genuine LPLO Lamps 

Actual disinfection performance and long-term compatibility are unknown, unpredictable, risky, potentially dangerous and ultimately more expensive. 

Genuine TrojanUV LPLO Lamps 

Ensure disinfection and maintain your warranties and Lifetime Performance Guarantee. Operate your UV system as engineered/designed and maintain specified UV dose. 

A chart comparing lamp costs, O&M costs and fines associated with using non-genuine lamps
Use of Non-Genuine LPLO lamps will void safety certifications (UL, CSA etc.) and damage other system components such as connectors, lamp plugs and ballasts leading to even higher O&M costs and increased maintenance.


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