TrojanUV Solutions

TrojanUV4000Plus wastewater disinfection system

The TrojanUV4000Plus™ is allowing engineers and operators to incorporate chemical-free, UV disinfection for large flows of 10 MGD (1,578 m3/hr) and greater in a minimal amount of space. This UV system offers the flexibility to treat a wide range of wastewater; from primary, secondary and blended effluents to combined and sanitary sewer overflows to water for reuse applications.

Key Benefits 

Increased operator, community and environmental safety

  • Uses environmentally-friendly ultraviolet light – the safest alternative for wastewater disinfection. No disinfection by-products are created, and no chlorine compounds must be transported, stored or handled. 

Ideal for challenging wastewater applications

  • Treats a wide range of wastewater flows, including effluents with UV transmittance as low as 15%, combined & sanitary sewer overflows, and water for reuse applications.

Proven, regulatory-endorsed disinfection

  • Based on actual dose delivery testing (bioassay validation), and over 375 installations worldwide. Verified field performance data eliminates the sizing assumptions of theoretical dose calculations.

Reduced installation costs

  • Easily retrofitted into existing chlorine contact chambers, leaving the majority of the chamber available for storage, by-pass or emergency back-up – eliminating the expense and footprint associated with the construction of new structures.

Operator-friendly maintenance

  • Features significantly fewer lamps, modules that are electrically separate, and an integrated power winch to remove modules from the channel to a convenient working height.

Dual-action sleeve cleaning system improves performance and reduces labor costs

  • Unsurpassed chemical/mechanical cleaning system maintains maximum sleeve transmittance, and works online while disinfecting.

Optimized for efficient operation

  • Uses a fraction of the number of lamps required by conventional low-pressure systems, and features high efficiency, variable-output electronic lamp drivers and dose pacing to minimize power consumption.

Guaranteed performance and comprehensive warranty

  • Trojan systems include a Lifetime Disinfection Performance Guarantee. Ask for details.


Download PDF: TrojanUV4000Plus Brochure