Lime-A-Way Formulation Change (Bulletin Number: 18-PB-CP Sleeve Cleaning)

Trojan has learned that the formulation of Lime-A-Way™ cleaning solution was modified and now uses chemicals that can be detrimental to parts of your TrojanUV system.

Trojan does not manufacture or supply Lime-A-Way™, but has endorsed it as an optional cleaning agent for sites with unique or challenging fouling conditions. Due to the recent formulation changes, we are no longer recommending the use of Lime-A-Way™ as a cleaning agent in our UV systems.

Lime-A-Way™ previously acquired can be used until it is depleted, but care must be taken to only apply on the quartz sleeves, avoiding contact with other components of the TrojanUV system.


Download PDF: Lime-A-Way Formulation Change Product Bulletin