Pressurized Vessel Safety Reminder (Bulletin Number: 013-PBCV-003)

It has come to our attention that on occasion a quartz sleeve and/or UV lamp can be forcibly ejected from a closed vessel UV system, possibly as a result of:

  • An improperly or incompletely installed sleeve bolt or compression nut
  • A failure to bleed air from the vessel when re-pressurizing the chamber
  • A failure to de-pressurize the chamber before servicing
  • Removing the service end cap or other protective cover from the chamber while it is pressurized
  • A failure to lock out and tag out water valves, electrical connections and other sources of energy
  • And/or otherwise failing to comply with the procedures set out in the Operating and Maintenance Manual for the UV system

We are therefore issuing this urgent reminder to follow all applicable safety procedures when performing any service on your UV system.


Download PDF: Pressurized Vessel Safety Reminder Product Bulletin