The Active Control Approach to UV AOP in Potable Reuse

Water providers considering advanced wastewater treatment for potable reuse spend years communicating with their end-users about the benefits of this long-term strategy for sustaining drinking water supplies. The embedded costs required to develop advanced wastewater recycling plants (AWRPs) are often a major concern, and there is continued pressure on equipment manufacturers to develop ways to evolve how these systems operate in order to optimize operating costs and demonstrate long-term justification of the investment. Trojan has responded to these challenges by offering a UV AOP solution to its potable reuse customers that can automatically evaluate the necessary outputs of UV-light and oxidant dose based on the characteristics of the treated water that influence these parameters. This gives customers maximum control of the UV AOP system and ensures both compliant treatment and minimum-cost operation at any time. These advances in UV AOP treatment help ensure that AWRPs can move forward to ensure sustainable drinking water supplies in water-scarce geographies.

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