Wastewater Treatment Plant Realizes The Importance of Using Genuine Replacement Parts in Its UV System
TrojanUV Solutions

At the Lucas County Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) in Ohio, primary effluent flows by gravity to the aeration basins where ferrous chloride is added to aid in phosphorus removal. The primary effluent then receives secondary treatment via the activated sludge process in the aeration basins. The mixed liquor from the aeration basins then flows to final clarifiers for solids separation from the secondary effluent. The clarified effluent is then measured via a Parshall flume and flows through TrojanUV4000Plus® systems prior to discharge into the Maumee River.

The facility was experiencing inefficiencies with their UV systems and, even after repeated inspection and analysis, staff couldn’t figure out why. They started to question if the issues were stemming from the use of non-OEM, nongenuine UV lamps, quartz sleeves, and ballasts.

Download the case study to read how the facility’s manager decided to call Trojan’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) for help.